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This is where you set your stylistic preferences for your site, such as typography, color etc. These are then applied throughout your Theme and can easily be updated at any time, all from one central control. In modern web development, this is what would be referred to as a design pattern.

This in where you create your Layouts using the styles you set in your design, and our own, highly flexible, Layout Builder. This is also where you turn your Layouts in to dynamic Theme Templates by setting sources to your Blocks. For instance can your page use the WordPress Featured image as a background image on top, with the Page title above that image, set to your Huge font size and so forth.

This is where we marry your Design and Layout with WordPress and finalize your Theme for export. You can set the pages and other types of content you expect in your site, and apply your Templates that you created in Layout to them. TheDock is tightly integrated with WordPress core functionality, and your Theme is always rendered unique based on your choices in the Layout editor, making your Theme both highly performant and highly legible, should you want to change code without our Layout editor later.